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Don’t guess what your team needs…
Diagnose it

Pinpoint the specific areas where your leaders need development using our proprietary assessment. No use wasting time and money in the areas where your leaders are already competent.

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Make data-driven decisions about your leadership development

SyncLX leverages a leading 360-degree feedback tool to assess the current leadership skill gaps. We curate the data, share a digestible report, and then partner with you to create a custom plan to achieve your leadership development goals.

Sample Report
Coaching Clients Include:

Sparked insights and ideas that I can apply in my team and across our company.

Donna KimmelEVP & Chief People Officer at Citrix

A fascinating and accessible approach to addressing leadership development. Since leadership development is so important in today’s era of work, this couldn’t be more relevant and essential.

Claude SilverChief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

Practical tool that will help leaders better lead across their workforce.

Carter CastClinical Professor, Kellogg School of Management…

One of our most popular leadership assessments

The Team Connection Assessment™ helps leaders assess the strength of connections among their team.Considering connection is the workplace currency of the future, it’s critical leaders know where and how disconnected their teams are (whether in person or remote).

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You’re a 15-minute assessment away from a better connected, healthier and higher-performing team

Disconnection and isolation have been silently and secretly devastating teams. Individuals and organizations haven’t had a tool to overcome this issue or measure how connected or disconnected their teams are. That all changes with the Team Connection Assessment™

How connected is your team?

  • Our devices are always informing us how strongly they are connected to wifi or cellular networks. It’s time workers and leaders have the same connectivity information about their teams.
The Team Connection Assessment™
  • Measures the strength and quality of connections teams have with their teammates, manager, and the work itself.
  • Generates a custom report providing proven, research-based strategies to improve a team’s connection.
  • Enhances well-being, boosts belonging, increases performance, and improves retention of employees.
  • Takes 15 minutes to complete and is simple to administer.
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Taking the Team Connection Assessment Is as Easy as 1,2,3…


Take the Assessment

Purchase a license. Gain instant access to the assessment. Assign it to your team or take the 15-minute assessment yourself.


Review the Results & Recommendations

Complete the assessment and be instantly provided with a custom report that scores your team and provides specific research-based recommendations to strength your team’s connection.


Improve Your Team

Strengthening team connection isn’t hard. You just need to assess where the team is at and a guide for what to do next. Take the assessment and feel confident that your team will improve.

Assessment Pricing

Take the assessment or send it to your entire team.


$ 50.00

Per License
  • 1-25 Licenses
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Business20% off per License

$ 40.00

Per License
  • 26-99 Licenses
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Enterprise30% off per License

$ 35.00

Per License
  • 100+ Licenses
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Steven Van Cohen

AKA – The Leadership Whisperer

Steven has spent the past 14-years working closely with many of the world’s top leaders. Whether you are looking to assess your current leadership abilities or are ready to take your leadership skills to the next level, Steven has the experience to identify, inspire and grow.

Coaching Clients Include:
Individual Coaching
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Team Coaching
Do you need coaching for the team?
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DISC assessment & personality review

SyncLX is a verified distributor of DISC profiles. Schedule a half or full-day DISC training session with one of our experienced facilitators.

Gallup Q12 employee engagement assessment

Collect employee engagement data based on Gallup’s Q12 methodology. Recognized as the best tool to measure employee engagement, SyncLX will collect the data and then work with the team to increase overall engagement levels.

Contact us if you have questions or want to explore a custom project for your organization.