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5 Actions Every Inclusive Leader Needs to Take

Beyond the positive bottom-line impacts of diversity and inclusion, Celeste Warren, VP of Human Resources and Global Diversity and Inclusion at Merck, believes “there is an awakening” happening as it relates to how...

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18 Myths and Truths About Millennials as Revealed by 7 Google Searches

With more than 3 billion searches each day, Google has become a global hub to see what's top of mind for humanity. Type a query into the search bar and the...

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Five Reasons Millennials Aren’t Answering Your Phone Call

Texting has overtaken phone calls as the most popular mobile function on our mobile devices, across all generations, according to mobile research agency Reality...

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Here’s How to Manage Your Millennial Employees — Brilliantly

In the not-so-distant past, work was confined to a building. Work was executed at a desk bound to a physical location. If you asked someone who was in their...

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Why It’s Important to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn in Today’s Fast Times

In it, Friedman described the perpetual shift required for countries, companies, and individuals to remain constantly competitive in an ever-growing global market...

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Why Are Millennials So Distracted in Your Meetings?

Millennials continue to get razzed for having their heads always buried in their phones. If you’re managing a Millennial, you can probably understand how frustrating...

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