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Podcast #20 | The Best L&D Requires Marketing

On this episode, we welcome Omar Hatamleh, Former Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering at NASA to discuss How AI Will Impact Learning.

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50 Percent of Emails and Texts are Misunderstood. Here’s How to Change That.

We aren’t communicating as well as we think. Ninety percent of the time people think their emails and texts are understood by recipients...

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4 Ways Technology Is Changing the Way You Work

While there is plenty to be cautious about with technology, most would agree that technology enriches life more than it depletes life.

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5 Tips to Be a Better Inclusive Leader

Beyond the positive bottom-line impacts of diversity and inclusion, Celeste Warren, VP of Human Resources and Global Diversity and Inclusion at Merck, believes “there is an awakening” happening as it relates to how organizations should approach diversity and inclusion.

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This Question Helps Chick-fil-A Select the Best Franchisees Since 1967 Chick-fil-A Has Asked This Question When Hiring Leaders

Customers are flocking to Chick-fil-A for the food and service. Chick-fil-A is America’s favorite fast-food restaurant.

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Employee Potential Is Limited When Managers Neglect This

"When in my past was I recognized for a skill or talent?" Over ten years ago, I asked myself that simple question in an attempt to discover my calling in life.

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