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8 Tactics to Get the Most out of Your Remote Millennial Workers

Thirty-five percent of employees said the number one perk they’d leave a job over is the ability to work remotely full-time, yet only 12 percent said their employer allows it. According to a 2016 FlexJobs survey, Millennials show a stronger preference for working at a coffee shop, co-working space, library, or other place besides the office than other generations.

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16 Tools to Better Manage Remote Millennials

Forty-five percent of Millennials intend to leave companies within two years that have inflexible work environments. Three of the top five most important factors Millennials use to evaluate a job prospect center on flexible work.

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How to Create Psychological Safety Among a Team

Teams can be lonely places. People can feel vulnerable and exposed if they believe their teammates don’t support their ideas or appreciate their work. These interpersonal struggles intensify for remote workers who lack the support of a nodding ally across the table.

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How to Raise Your Emotional Intelligence in 3 Steps

A pervasive myth still exists. This myth stifles wellbeing and performance at work. The myth is that emotions don’t belong at work. That workers can flip a switch and shed all of their fear, joy, sorrow, and hope at the door of work. This myth leads many to behave cold and stoical throughout their professional lives.

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Why Most Employees Are Lonely and Underperforming

If you’re feeling lonely, you’re not alone. Sixty-one percent of American adults report they are lonely, a 7 percent increase since 2018. In addition, people are making fewer friends on the job.

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How to Improve Communication With Your Remote Team

Remote work has worked. Halo Top, the reduced-calorie ice cream brand, grew from $230,000 in 2013 to more than $100 million in 2018 and they achieved that growth with all 75 employees working remotely.

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