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This Question Is the Foundation of Psychological Safety

In your gut, down your spinal column, and in the deepest recesses of your mind lingers the most fundamental question of humanity. It’s the question the entire human body is asking every second of every day.

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Podcast #24 | How L&D Decreased Turnover by 50%

On this episode, we welcome John Jordan & Josh Bronstein, at Bank of America to discuss How L&D Decreased Turnover by 50%.

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The Complete Toolkit to Lead Remote Workers

Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, shifting generational expectations, and life events (such as the COVID-19 outbreak) have all swiftly contributed to the growing number of people working from home.

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Podcast #23 | Pushing (Not Pulling) Learning

On this episode, we welcome Justin Hummel, Head of Learning Solutions at Thomson Reuters to discuss Pushing (Not Pulling) Learning.

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This Is Causing Generation Z to Be the Most Distinct Generation Ever

In the past, generations were defined by a single step in the line of descent from an ancestor which typically spanned 15-20 years. Today, generations are formed by significant events, innovations, or culture shifts during the moldable years of an age cohort.

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Podcast #22 | How Loneliness Impacts the Future of Work

On this episode, the hosts--Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen--discuss their forthcoming book, Connectable: How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In (McGraw-Hill 2022) and how loneliness is impacting the future of work.

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