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3 Things All Humans Want at Work (And Life)

The three things humans are wired to do are survive, belong, and become. At first glance, survive, belong, and become seem too primal to apply to today's highly-advanced modern world.

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Podcast #14 | Scaling Personalized L&D

On this episode, we welcome Ellie Bertani, Senior Director of Associate Experience, Learning at Walmart to discuss Scaling Personalized L&D.

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This Is the Most Valuable Skill on Earth

What if you personally possessed the most valuable resource on Earth? How would you wield such a prized resource? Would you consume, hoard, or share it?

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How Resumes Will Be Utilized in the Future

How hiring managers can retain employees and how candidates find jobs in the future using artificial intelligence.

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Podcast #13 | Embed Learning into the Work

On this episode, we welcome Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Delta Air Lines to discuss Embed Learning into the Work.

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6 Reasons to Be an Inclusive Leader

Seventy-eight percent of people believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage, according to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends research.

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