Inspiring A Shared Vision

Inspiring A Shared Vision


The characteristic that is most used to describe world-class leaders is vision. We think of men and women who see a bright future and then drive people directly toward it. Even though the cliché of having a vision gets overdone a bit, as a leader, you do need to know where your team is going so that everyone can work in the same direction. This module is all about how to inspire a shared vision.


  1. Defining Inspiring A Shared Vision
  2. Vision Is About Providing Clear Direction
  3. Aligning Your Vision Is Key
  4. Envision Your Vision
  5. Inspire With Your Vision
  6. Share In Your Vision

Reflective Questions:

  • Is the vision for me and my team currently clear? Why or why not?
  • On a scale of 1-10 with one being low and 10 being high, how much collaboration has been generated with my team, with regards to the vision? Is the vision shared, or something that has been passed down?
  • How bought in is my team to the vision? Is there an opportunity to increase buy in? If so, how can I increase it?

Homework Assignment:

Develop a vision board pertaining to work goals over the next 6-months. Share the board with the team and ensure everyone is on the same page with what the achievements will be moving forward.

Journal Entry:

Post module activity that highlights the learning from the homework assignment and helps set a course for continued learning application.