Social Network Profile 101

Social Network Profile 101


It is becoming more and more important to be mindful of what we put up on the internet, especially when you are new to an organization. Companies are looking for corporate stewards, people who can represent them well both at and away from work. Showing off your best self online is not only important for job security, but it is important when making early introductions to co-workers. This module focuses on the social networking influences at work and how they can impact your initial impression on others.


  1. Privacy Settings Are Not So Private
  2. Keep It Classy
  3. Talk Business
  4. Post Sporadically
  5. Untag
  6. Have A Grandma Approved Profile Picture

Reflective Questions:

  • Think of someone who made a really bad first impression on you. Do you still have that same impression of them?
  • Why are first impressions so powerful? What kind of an impression do you want to give off in your social media profile?
  • How many co-workers in the past have you friended on social media? Do you believe that your social media profiles can positively or negatively affect your relationships at work? Why?

Homework Assignment:

Complete a social media audit. Learners will take time to go through their social media accounts and grad themselves to the best practices taught in the module.

Journal Entry:

Post module activity that highlights the learning from the homework assignment and helps set a course for continued learning application.