The Secret To Accountability

The Secret To Accountability


Doing what you say you will do is going to be key during your early tenure on the job. Consistently executing your deliverables on time and at a high level will get you noticed in the organization. So how do you ensure you consistently do what you say you will do? By holding yourself accountable. This module provides some keen insights into accountability to ensure you do not let yourself or others down.


  1. Accountability Goes Beyond Will Power
  2. All About Clarity – Envision Desired Result
  3. Focus on Includers –
    Everything Required To Achieve Desired Result
  4. Foster Buy-In & Commitment
  5. Obtain Reinforcement
  6. Leverage The Buddy System

Reflective Questions:

  • From the module, an “includer” was defined as “anything you need to include in order to achieve your desired results. Think of a current project or deliverable you’re working on: are you using any includers? What are they? Are they helping you succeed?
  • The only way to hold yourself accountable is to first understand everything you need to do in your role. How clear are you about the desired results associated with your role?
  • How good are you at holding yourself accountable? Over the past 3 months, has there been something you’ve “dropped the ball” on? If so, what could you have done to ensure a better outcome?

Homework Assignment:

Identify one project / task / assignment currently being worked on. Pretend you are a consultant looking at the work you have already done, or plan to do. Give yourself a grade from A to F on how well you have conduced the lessons from the module (desired results, includers, buy in and commitment, reinforcement)

Journal Entry:

Post module activity that highlights the learning from the homework assignment and helps set a course for continued learning application.