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“SyncLX’s courses are the employees’ favorite within our entire learning library!”
~Steffanie B, L&D Specialist at Toyota

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Each Course Uses This Proven Proprietary Learning Process:

The Lesson:

Engaging 10-15 minute micro-learning lesson.

The Anchor:

Mindful questions that personalize the learning (making it stick.)

The Take Action:

Assignment that ensures the learning is put into action.

The Journal:

Reflective writing that cements the learning experience.

The Nudge:

Digital nudges that reinforce the learning.

Why Our LX is Better for Your LMS

Our highly acclaimed learning experience strategy is designed to deep-sync learning lessons with real world experiences, so companies get much better results from training.

Course Categories

* All content bellow can be delivered via digital courses, virtual presentations, and workshops


Leadership development made simple. SyncLX uncomplicates leadership training by delivering short lessons tied to singular topics. Our courses ensure trainees become the leaders they wish they had.

Courses Include:

  • Employee Engagement (Gallup Q12)
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Building Lasting Trust
  • Delivering Feedback (Radical Candor)
  • Driving A Culture of Accountability
  • Amplifying Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • The Foundation of Leadership
  • Leading Remote Teams

Initiatives Include:

Rethinking Executive Leadership

It’s not about redesigning an Executive Leaders “operating system,” it’s about fine tuning it. Our Executive Development program is an on-demand personalized experience designed to enhance and refine senior leaders’ impact.

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Training For Future Leaders

With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day it has become more important than ever to train up next generation leaders. SyncLX has crafted two learning paths, one for entry level professionals (emerging) and one for more established professionals (rising).

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Lessen Loneliness & Boost Belonging

Today’s workers are lonelier than ever before resulting in a disengaged, disloyal, and disenchanted workforce. The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion, and the need for better well being at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work. This program helps workers lessen loneliness, boost belonging, engagement and performance.

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Courses Include:

  • The Significance of Inclusion
  • Modern Causes of Loneliness
  • Identifying Lonely Workers
  • Creating Psychological Safety
  • The Science of Happiness
  • 7-Strategies For Lessening Loneliness

Initiatives Include:

Lonely Workers Are…

  • Two times more likely to miss a day or work due to illness.
  • Five times more likely to miss work due to stress.
  • Twice as often to think about quitting their job.
  • More likely to be remote workers.

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Diversity & Inclusion

This is not your check-in-the-box D&I content. These courses actually inspire and equip people to demonstrate behaviors that build an inclusive work culture.

Courses Include:

  • Establishing Psychological Safety
  • Working Inclusively Across Generations
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • Building Allyship
  • Preventing Microaggressions
  • Science and Significance of Inclusion

Initiatives Include:

Generations University (GenU)

GenU helps to turn a ‘generational gap’ into a competitive advantage. This program equips every generation with the tools to effectively work and communicate across generations.

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Managing Millennials (and Gen Z)

This initiative is designed to help leaders, talent professionals, and OD/HR practitioners better understand the emerging generations (Millennials & Gen Z) with strategies for how to best recruit, engage, develop and retain them.

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Early Career Women Development Program

Early career women face many unique challenges as they start upon their professional journey. This initiative is designed to help fast track their promotion timelines by teaching them the mindset and skill set that will amplify promotability.

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Boring and forgettable safety training puts people at risk. Since 2010, SyncLX has made safety training engaging, memorable, and accessible in the field.

Safety Soft Skills

  • Social Influence (How Peer Pressure Impacts Safety)
  • Fit For Duty Mental
  • Asking For Help
  • Brother’s Keeper (Protecting The People Around You)
  • Sugar & Safety (How Sugar Impedes Impairment)
  • Fit For Duty Physical

Toolbox Meetings (Digital Toolbox Meetings That Create Engagement)

  • Safety Basketball (Safety Share Activity)
  • Dangers of Optimism
  • Trusting Your Gut (Safety Intuition)
  • Making Reactive Decisions
  • Check Sheets, Why We Use Them
  • Colors (Brainstorming Tool Activity)


Worker stress is at an all-time high. People need time to get grounded, implementing wellness techniques that help promote a healthy mind, body, and soul. SyncLX’s wellness initiatives help get people back on track with their overall wellbeing.

Courses Include:

  • The Significance Of Sleep
  • Stress Management / Mental Gym
  • The “Secret” To Happiness
  • Daily Routines For Increased Productivity
  • Managing Triggers
  • Building Vitality

Initiatives Include:

Stretch…Increasing Well-Being & Improving Productivity

Stretch is a series of courses designed to help employees stretch their mind, their habits, their heart and their body. This introductory learning path into wellness is designed to help anyone within a company find their “zen.”

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