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3 Things Millennials and Gen Z Want at Work (and 1 Strategy to Deliver It)

"Excellent content! It changed the way I look at the new generations and how I will approach them."

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The Managing Millennials (and Gen Z) course is comprised of 9-lessons that will ensure emerging professionals are set up to thrive at work. Each lesson reviews key strategies that will better engage, retain and develop emerging talent.
This course is designed for anyone wanting to create the right environment that is ripe for emerging
professionals to be successful.

Reverse Mentoring

Coaching Tactics Proven To Work

Leadership 101

4-Leadership Tactics Millennials Respond Best To

Communicating In A Digital World

Best Practices For Communicating At Work

Providing Feedback

Using Radical Candor To Deliver Feedback Millennials Desire

Your Secret Weapon Is Training

Leveraging Training To Ensure Retention

Instilling Work Ethic

Strategies For How To “Push” Your Millennial Employees

Motivating Millennials

Proper Techniques That Will Encourage The Heart

The Life of Millennials

Best Practices For Communicating At Work

Job Hopping

How To Curb Millennials Job Hopping Ways



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Millennials and Gen Z are the most misunderstood generations in history.
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