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Millennials and GenZ Professionals Require 3 Things From SyncLX Training

Better Content

The emerging generations are 3.4x more likely than Baby Boomers to cite poor content as a barrier to learning. (Harvard Business Publishing)

More External Thinking & Expertise

The emerging generations are 2.3x more likely than Baby Boomers to cite lack of external expertise as a barrier to learning. (Harvard Business Publishing)

On-the-job Application

The emerging generations are 1.3x more likely than Boomers to cite lack of job application as a barrier. (Harvard Business Publishing)

Professional Development for All Levels


Curriculum designed for entry-level professionals still learning how to best integrate into a modern workplace.


Curriculum designed for professionals ready to take their development to the next level. Professional skills courses focused on performing at a high level.


Curriculum designed for those in a leadership role or preparing for a supervisory position. All modules are focused on how to successfully lead others.

Emerging Professionals
Learn Differently

Harvard Business Review found that 40% of Millennials and GenZ (vs. 67% of Baby Boomers) say their company’s leadership development programs are excellent. Meaning, the training that used to work is no longer relevant.

Reimagined Courses For Next Generation Professionals

We reimagined training to ensure modern professionals are learning in modern ways. L&D has become more important than ever, now becoming a condition of employment for organizations committed to recruiting, engaging and developing emerging talent.

Training Today Must…

Blend & Bind, Be Easily Applicable Back Into Work Through Post Training Activities

Provide Feedback Loops, Align Virtual Coaching With Training Activity

Encourage Collaboration, Leverage The Social Desires Of Emerging Professionals

Focus On Experience, Content That Creates Moments Of Clarity / Understanding

Be Brief & Beautiful, Drive Micro-Lessons Hyper Focused On Relevant Topics

Anchor Learning, Incorporate Mindful Questioning and Journaling To Help Solidify The Takeaways

Most training is neglected, disliked, and forgotten.

Sync Learning Experiences courses are used, enjoyed, and applied. Just ask some of our satisfied clients.

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