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PPT Safety Training Does Not Work

Your people will forget 90% of the safety information taught when it is delivered with audio and visual stimulation alone.

Stop Focusing Solely On The Hazards

Discussing workplace hazards is almost always the topic at hand. Transition to speaking about the behaviors that lead to smart safety decisions.

Boring Training = Missed Opportunity

When things are boring we don’t pay attention and when we don’t pay attention we do not learn. Safety meetings / training events must be memorable.

Interactive Toolbox Talks

We have all been to a totally lame safety meeting, one that just felt like a check in the box. Safety meetings that don’t engage are missed opportunities to anchor important safety messages before, during or after work.

Stop Bad Safety Meetings Today:

  • Digital Safety Meetings That Drive Themselves
  • Narrated Activities For Your Team To Follow
  • 10-15 Minute Learning Lessons Kept Short & Sweet
  • Facilitated Questions To Get People Involved
  • Accessible 24/7 In An Easy To Use Portal
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Safety Soft Skills

Staying safe is not just about understanding workplace hazards, but about understanding the behaviors that exist that lead to safe activities. SycnLX’s safety soft skill training dives into critical topics often not trained to on the job.

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  • Courses Include: Dangers of the Optimism Bias, Fit For Duty, Asking For Help, Importance of Preparation, Brother’s Keeper and more.
  • Short and Easy To Navigate Lessons
  • Real World Activities Applied With Each Module
  • Follow Up & Support Provided From SyncLX Team
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Most training is neglected, disliked, and forgotten.

Sync Learning Experiences courses are used, enjoyed, and applied. Just ask some of our satisfied clients.

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