Success Stories

As a trusted partner in learning and development, SyncLX works with leading organizations to create powerful learning experiences.

JM Family

  • Engaged Emerging Professionals With Learning
  • Rated As Favorite Courses Within JM Family’s Library
  • Generated Powerful Team Discussions & Activities

“People are LOVING the topics being covered and are having discussions outside of the application assignments about the lessons. So that warms my heart!”

– JM Family’s L&D Specialist


JM Family, Fortune 100’s #17 Best Place to Work, wanted to provide some fresh content specifically designed for their eager-to-learn emerging professionals. Wanting to integrate learning solutions that would meet the specific needs of their growing workforce, JM Family licensed a suite of courses that introduced unique lessons like Disconnecting To Connect, Keeping Cool Under Pressure and Challenging The Process. SyncLX partnered with JM Family’s L&D team to customize the courses and help integrate them into JM Family’s LMS.

Home Depot

  • 4 Week Classroom Training Shortened to a 9-Day Workshop
  • Reduced Classroom Time by 60%
  • Promoted New Hires 2x as Fast
  • Turned Analog Learn-and-Forget Content Into Digital On-Demand Resources

“There was a lot more hand-on practice in the redesigned modules. I learned by doing rather than being shown what to do. The training was far more interactive. It was great.”

– Home Depot Trainee


Every year Home Depot executes a comprehensive training program for their new Merchant Planning Assistants. What was a 4-week program, presented entirely in the classroom, was due for a redesign to ensure higher levels of engagement and better application of lessons. SyncLX redesigned the entire suite of modules taking text-heavy PPT slides and turning them into digital assets that can be consumed within a virtual learning environment. Working closely with Home Depot’s merchandising team, SyncLX was able to convert the 4-weeks of classroom training into a 9-day workshop focusing more time on field activities, self-directed online learning and team-based activities to ensure learning was synchronized with day-to-day operations. The new training initiative helped Home Depot get their Merchant Planners into their role quicker with increased knowledge around how to best do their job.

Southern Company Gas

  • Scored 9.5/10
  • Built Bonds With Cross Generational Employees
  • Inspired Organizational Change
  • Increased Level of Diversity and Inclusion

“The training exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed all of the activities. There was never a dull moment. It truly examined generational differences in a thorough, interactive and meaningful way. I walked away from the workshop enlightened, informed, equipped and excitedly looking forward to participating again.”

– Southern Company Trainee


As a part of Southern Company Gas’s diversity and inclusion strategy, they partnered with SyncLX to develop a training workshop focused on closing the generational gap at work. This corporate initiative brought together employees from across the organization to participate in an interactive event predicated on understanding how to best leverage the generational differences that exist. Participants from different generations worked together to build strategies around collaboration, communication and business productivity. The interactive workshop delivered key insights around unpacking generations, accommodating like a pro and why diversity is so important to organizational success. The participants from the event scored the experience a 9.5/10 when asked if they would recommend the program to others. Southern Company Gas is currently driving GenU (Generations University) as an important training initiative to ensure successful diversity and inclusion efforts across the company.


  • 120 Leaders Trained
  • Key Strategies For Engaging Emerging Talent Developed
  • Feedback From The Event Was Overwhelmingly Positive

“A great presentation! So many people enjoyed Ryan’s talk. Just as importantly, they’ve remarked how much it caused them to think.”

– Don D. SVP Flight Operations FedEx Express


FedEx hired SyncLX’s partner, Ryan Jenkins, to speak with managers about how to best recruit, engage and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent. Ryan worked closely with the executive team to understand the organizations’ challenges. In addition, Ryan toured the FedEx headquarters in Memphis, TN to learn more about the organization, industry, and how FedEx was currently approaching attracting and engaging next-generation talent. Ryan developed and delivered custom content for hundreds of FedEx leaders. SyncLX is continuing to partner with FedEx and is currently exploring how to refresh their pilot training in order to boost pilot recruitment and retention.


  • Coached 50 High Potential Leaders
  • Integral In Executing Multi-Million Dollar Training Strategy
  • Supported Several Million Dollars Worth of Continuous Improvement Efforts
  • Increased Safety, Morale, Employee Engagement and Production

“I, you and many in the company have already started seeing the impact from this training. What we have become is outstanding. The reason I’m writing this is to appreciate the tremendous progress we have made. This is just the beginning for great things to take place. This training has helped our company and built a better future for all of us. Thank you for making already our lives better.”

– Kinross Coaching Participant


Kinross, a leading Canadian gold mining company, partnered with SyncLX to develop a multi-year coaching program with 50 high potential leaders from across the organization. SyncLX coaches worked one-on-one with Kinross leaders to build developmental action plans tied to corporate KPI’s. SyncLX’s coaches provided field coaching, virtual coaching, built detailed progress reports and developed online training content to support coaching efforts. Aiding in the implementation of several continuous improvement initiatives, cost saving strategies and safety efforts, SyncLX’s coaches were responsible in supporting millions of dollars worth of business activity that was proven to increase organizational success.


  • Engaged Over 150 Employees Involved In A Corporate Re-Organization
  • Streamlined Re-Org Efforts Through Training Delivery
  • Created Buy-In & Commitment From Those Involved In The Process

Salesforce partnered with SyncLX to develop a training initiative tied to a major re-organization. With 300 people moving into a new business unit, Salesforce wanted to create training content that explained why the re-organization was happening, what was to be expected and how to best transition into the new department. SyncLX worked with Salesforce to determine what needed to be taught, and how to create a transition strategy that did not leave anyone in the dark, but instead include everyone through various learning modules and team activities. The training initiative helped everyone feel included within the re-organization strategy and cut down on miscommunication.

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