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Why You Fear Public Speaking and How to Overcome It

"Here's how to reduce the fear of public speaking as recommended by a professional speaker..."

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Podcast #8 | Creating an Infinite Learning Culture

On this episode, we welcome Michael Fenlon, Chief People Officer at PwCx to discuss Creating an Infinite Learning Culture.

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50 Percent of Emails and Texts are Misunderstood. Here’s How to Change That.

"People often underestimate the importance of how different our views, perspectives, culture, and our experiences are...

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Podcast #7 | L&D Is an Investment NOT a Cost

On this episode, we welcome Donna Kimmel, Chief People Officer at Citrix to discuss L&D Is an Investment NOT a Cost.

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Podcast #6 | How D&I Impacts L&D

On this episode, we welcome Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer at ServiceNow to discuss How D&I Impacts L&D.

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Podcast #5 | How COVID-19 Will Impact L&D

On this episode, we welcome Noah Rabinowitz, Chief Learning Officer at Intel to discuss How COVID-19 Will Impact L&D.

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