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Achieve Better Work-Life Balance to Unlock These 4 Benefits

Only 53 percent of workers say their employer values work-life balance, and only 43 percent say their employers offer programs and policies that allow for flexibility...

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Why Most Employees Are Lonely and Underperforming

If you’re feeling lonely, you’re not alone. Sixty-one percent of American adults report they are lonely, a 7 percent increase since 2018. In addition, people are making fewer friends on the job.

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Podcast #19 | The Best L&D Requires Marketing

On this episode, we welcome Rob Lauber, Former Chief Learning Officer to discuss Improving Talent Retention Using L&D. 

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This Is at Stake When You Check Your Phone (Or Any Device)

Technology is incredibly useful. Technology enables my speaking business and training company to be 100 percent paperless. My to-do lists, meeting notes, brainstorms, client contracts, etc. are all digital.

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Podcast #18 | The Best L&D Requires Marketing

On this episode, we welcome Shelley Osborne, Author of The Upskilling Imperative to discuss The Best L&D Requires Marketing.

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Why You Fear Public Speaking and How to Overcome It

Public speaking continues to be a top fear of humanity. Whether you’re speaking to a group of ten or ten thousand, public speaking is nerve racking.

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