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Millennials Top Brands, Apps, Websites and More

Technology and the internet have created new behaviors and inspired new values that have never before existed, especially for the Millennial generation, which grew up in a high-tech and hyper-connected world. The flood of Millennials into the marketplace has left many leaders, marketers, and organizations scrambling to better understand today’s largest generation. But it’s not that hard, it’s just different. So here’s some much-needed context around this emerging generation so you can get your head in the game.

Top Brands for Millennials:

  1. Ad agency Moosylvania analyzed 15,000 responses from Millennials — age 17 to 37 — on their favorite brands. Any of them look familiar?
    1. Apple
    2. Nike
    3. Samsung
    4. Target
    5. Amazon

    According to Moosylvania COO Norty Cohen, “It’s all about what you do for them, and making them look good is a key.”

Top Cities for Millennials:

  1. Where is this group moving to, and why? There’s some pretty important factors, according to These cities all have job growth that is projected to be above average; food, rent, and other necessities are relatively affordable; there are high concentrations of grocery stores, pharmacies, laundromats, and other amenities; and these cities offer plenty of fun bars, restaurants, and leisure activities.
    1. Seattle
    2. Columbus
    3. SC Sacramento
    4. Minneapolis
    5. Jacksonville, FL

    And if you look at the next five cities for Millennial growth, Virginia is listed twice. Seems that Virginia isn’t just for lovers, it’s also for Millennials.

Top Jobs for Millennials:

  1. US News and World Report sent a survey asking 1,000 people in the Millennial age range to rank their top job traits. The results make sense to careers experts, who have observed that, in the workplace, Millennials crave a good income, flexibility, learning opportunities, teamwork and projects that contribute to the greater good. Here’s the top five jobs that Millennials are flocking to that seem to share many of those traits.
    1. Web Developer
    2. Dental Hygienist
    3. Software Developer
    4. Computer Systems Analyst
    5. Mechanical Engineer

    Says career coach Jenn DeWall, who works with Millennials, “In these careers, you have that opportunity to really become an expert in a less siloed way.”

Top Millennial Employers:

  1. When Ypulse, a a youth marketing and Millennial research firm, posed the question “Who do you want to work for?” Millennials responded in droves. Here’s their top 5.
    1. Google
    2. Apple
    3. Amazon
    4. Microsoft
    5. Disney

    Turns out, Millennials want to work for the companies that rule their lives and whose products they use the most.

Top Millennial Websites:

  1. According to Millennial consumer and marketing trends website Millennial Marketing, these are the most-visited and popular Millennial websites — for now.

    1. YouTube
    2. Spotify
    3. BuzzFeed
    4. Elite Daily
    5. Amazon

Top Millennial Apps:

  1. ComScore, a leading internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world, recently released “The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report,” which revealed the apps with the highest concentration of Millennials.

    1. Facebook
    2. YouTube
    3. Facebook Messenger
    4. Google (Search and Maps, tied)
    5. Instagram

    Social media for the win.

Top Millennial Athletes:

    1. Stephen Curry, 27, Golden State Warriors, NBA
    2. J.J. Watt, 26, Houston Texans, NFL
    3. Mike Trout, 24, L.A. Angels, MLB
    4. Alex Morgan, 26, U.S. Women’s National Team, Soccer
    5. Cam Newton, 26, Carolina Panthers, NFL

      While the Millennial generation is watching sports differently, they are still watching sports — and they definitely have some favorites. Ypulse, a leading authority on Millennials, breaks it down:

    Seriously. Who doesn’t love Steph Curry?

Top Millennial Purchases:

    1. According to a new report from Charles Schwab, Millennials spend more than other generations on comforts and conveniences like taxis, pricey coffee and dining out. Here’s the round-up.

      1. Taxis and Ubers
      2. Coffee drinks that cost more than $4
      3. The latest electronic gadget
      4. Clothes
      5. Eating out

      Be sure and check out the report.

Top Millennial Celebrities:

    1. Ypulse surveyed Millennials to find out their favorite celebrities. The results are:

      1. Rihanna
      2. Justin Bieber
      3. Lady Gaga
      4. Katy Perry
      5. Shakira

      A very close 6th place?  Taylor Swift.

Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker and author on the topics of leadership, generational differences, and the future of work. He is the co-founder of SyncLX, which creates lasting learning experiences for companies’ #1 asset, their people.