How to Reduce Smartphone Distraction at Work (and Home)

Whether at work or home, these five tips will ensure your smartphone doesn’t get the best of you.

The Most In-Demand Hard Skills

“Hard skills” concern one’s ability to do a specific task.

1. Cloud Computing:

As the world rushes toward the cloud, companies are desperately searching for engineers who have the skills to accommodate this demand.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

The age of AI is here and growing fast.

3. Analytical Reasoning:

As they collect more data than ever before, companies are hungry for professionals who can make smart decisions based
off of it.

4. People Management:

The world has changed from a “command-and-control” model toward leaders who can coach and empower, a difficult skill set few professionals possess.

5. UX Design:

UX design is the key to making a digital world work for humans.

6. Mobile Application Development:

A skill that’s been in demand for several years as companies continue to design mobile-first platforms.

7. Video Production:

Demand for video production is spiking as video streaming represents 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic.

8. Sales Leadership:

Sales is one of those skills that’s always in-demand, and great sales leaders are only becoming harder and harder to find.

9. Translation:

We are more connected globally than ever before, with translation skills breaking down one of the last remaining barriers: language.

10. Audio Production:

Audio Production: Similar to video, there’s been a spike in interest in podcasts and other audio digital formats recently, leading to increased demand for this skill.

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